Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Edible weed anger

Moreland Leader: Edible weed eaters angry at council for spraying pesticides

EAT YOUR GREENS, a little bit of poison will do you good. Providing you don't die first.

Spotter's Badge: Alice


Unknown said...

Idiots. Weed was put on this earth to smoke, not eat. Try it and chill out.

I swear that I am only a robot when I smoke weed. I ticked the box so move along and leave me alone now. Not good enough. This time it's "select the food" from the images ("multiple selections permitted"). I selected the vacationing hottie but was re-queried. It is all great fun and you should give it a whirl!

Alfalfamale said...

Surely Nicolas Cage can afford his own weeds?