Monday, September 07, 2015

Sent home from school because of the wrong uniform sadface collection

Manchester Evening News: It wouldn't be September without a story about a kid sent home from school with a bad haircut or the wrong shoes

Or, in this case, both.

And let's have a look around the country for the best of this year's new term school uniform sadfaces...

Yorkshire Post: Leopard hair. Home you go

Shields Gazette: You've heard the Madness song, it's Baggy Trousers. Home you go

Nottingham Post: Wrong shoes. Home you go, and keep buying shoes until we empty your family's bank account and you'll be eating shoes for the rest of the month

Manchester Evening News: Those shoes look like trainers. Hop it, and home you go

Spotter's Badge: Tim, Charlotte


Bob said...

Brett Anderson has let himself go. (pic 2)

Barry said...

That leopard hair one has got into the national newspapers today.