Saturday, August 01, 2015

Sleeping in the garden anger

Kent Online: Couple are sleeping outside to protect their stuff after thieves steal their gate

"I've got a lot of high value items," he says, advertising to the whole world that he has high value items and that he lives in Gravesend.

Also, there is a potato on a stick for no clear reason.

"We have problems with people around here with eggs and starting fires".

And the potato voodoo. Don't forget the potato voodoo. 

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Anonymous said...

"Someone stole my gate once, I didn't say anything in case they took offence"

Best. Comment. Ever.

wiggiatlarge said...

No need for a comment here just click through for dozens LOL

Robin of Locksley said...

APILN gold!

Barry said...

Isn't that Pit Bull from London's Burning?

Anonymous said...

“I shall be sleeping outside until the gates are put up. I don’t like sleeping much anyway but there’s no way I’m leaving that stuff open to be nicked.

“Before I met Marina I was homeless for six months so I know what it’s like to sleep in the rain and the snow.”