Sunday, August 23, 2015

Falling cupboard anger

Greenwich News Shopper: We were nearly KILLED TO DEATH when a cupboard fell off the wall and it COULD HAPPEN AGAIN

[photographer]: Just sit the lad on the work surface under the cupboard with the pans precariously balanced on top

[mum]: Up you go

[kid]: But I'll DIE!

[mum]: Shut up and sit there

[girl]: What do I do?

[photographer]: Stand at the front and pout

[girl]: *pouts*

[photographer]: Perfect **Click**

Spotter's Badge: Neil, Rob


guerciddes said...

i have only myshelf to blame

Anonymous said...

Nice one centurion!

Anonymous said...

If the pans don't get him the iron on top of the boiler should do the job.