Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drugs in my garden anger

Essex Echo: Man doesn't want to move to council house when there's drugs wreckage in the back garden

And a single comment from the council kills the story stone dead

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Stilted Banter said...

Having to play in a druggies' duen would be a terrible start in life for 'five-year-old Chantelle and Callum, seven'. Currently living in temporary accommodation with a father who looks like a compost heap and thinks slightly less well than one.

thrusting pumping powerhouse said...

drugs paraphernalia, surely?

Alistair Coleman said...

Yeah, but I can't spell it

DtP said...

Seriously, why didn't the paper tell him to piss off. Bad form.

Ian Hills said...

Probably the council just said "take it or leave it"....until he wrote in. Now they're going to do it up.

Not banking on a gating order though.

RobinOfLocksley said...

Lonely unattractive men who fear that they will never find a woman who likes them should take heart from this article.

This man has two daughters, so he must have had sex at least twice.

There's hope for you yet!