Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Garden Cafe anger

Southampton Daily Echo: Woman builds cafe in her garden, discovers a thing called "planning permission"

And the comments over in one: "Nice of Theo Walcott to drop in"

Spotter's Badge: Ben


Audrey said...

I'd trespass her grassy verge to enter by the back gate and nibble on her tasty buns.

Ian Hills said...

Her name's Kym and her son, Ramoan, so I'm not surprised they'd never heard of planning permission.

Anonymous said...

So to sum up. This woman spent £40,000 building a cafe in a private residence in order to pay for her son to go to university. which would have cost somewhere in the region of less than £40,000. I hope she's not planin gon her son taking an accountancy degree.

Norkmeister said...

Norks though.