Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wobbly wall anger

Limerick Leader: Concern over unsafe wall

"Go on. Point at the wall. Point at it. POINT."

Spotter's Badge: Simon


DavefromTacoma said...

Absolutely brilliant picture. It's basically the four ways most men dress. From left to right:

1. Getting ready to do yard work.
2. Getting ready to go to work.
3. Getting ready to BBQ.
4. Getting ready to take the kids to the latest Pixar movie.

Make a diorama of that picture, put it in a museum, and title it "Modern Suburban Man".

Alistair Coleman said...

Dave: Note how his tie and arm make a perfect right angle

Gonzoland said...

AC: A hypotenusical statement but can you prove it?
Just sum arise.

DtP said...

Has the geezer on the left seen an ice cream van?