Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Shop radio anger

Stafford Sentinel: Shopkeep dismayed at having to pay fee to play radio in shop

In fact -- he's RADIO GA GA!!!!!!!!!!

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Uncle Audrey said...

At last! The powers that be are going to finally do something about the noisy leakage of music from people's earphones on the bus and the train! It's only fair that they should pay a fee if they are forcing me to listen to their choice of... what's that? They aren't going to do that? They're only going after easy targets?

Bush dab said...

As manager of a Snyed outlet, he should hire the services of musicians to play pieces from the Sneyd family collection.
Or, on the other hand:
He should support the Beautiful South's (Song for Whoever) liking of PRS cheques and cough up.

Love the commentards who think that Phonographic Performance Ltd is part of Osborne's Treasury.