Monday, April 18, 2016

Owl attack bus driver throws some shapes anger

Exeter Express and Echo: Bus driver claims his bald head is singling him out for attacks by vicious eagle owl

In a previous life as a human, a bald omnibus driver once made that owl walk home because he was 10p short for his fare. Now, it is time for revenge.

Woman in background: "Nope"
Spotter's badge: Becki


Gonzoland said...

One of the many incarnations of Agrajag. He's now realised that it isn't just Arthur Dent who's responsible.

Percy Milkman said...

Great picture, great comedian!!

TRT said...

I wondered what Ming the Merciless was up to nowadays.

TRT said...

Unless... it's Simon Cowell.

Alfalfamale said...

To be fair to the owl, that beard is something of a provocation.

Britain's Got Talons said...

Mentioned on tonight's BBC Radio 4's News Quiz