Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ice cream van innocent until proven guilty anger

Liverpool Echo: Ice cream man loses his licence after (allegedly) running somebody over

Not running people over is probably the minimum standard for ice cream vanning.

However, he's also accused of using foul and abusive language ("No you can't have pissing hundreds and thousands"), selling cigarettes and - worst of all - chiming out of hours.

Spotter's Badge: Mal


Jim said...

There's only one comment to make on this story, and that's 'Mr Softy Top'

beep said...

Justice For The 99.

Unknown said...

“The ice cream van chimes are a highlight of day for all the children on our close."

His enterprise also sells cancer sticks.

Feck allegedly running over a whiner, those two together are a crime in itself. "I'll have a pack of Luckies and a frozen Snickers." Let's hear his defense on how he checks DOB.