Monday, December 14, 2015

Mum condemns daughter to lifetime of ridicule anger

Hull Daily Mail: Mum's fury as 'school policy' meant daughter wet herself in class

Poor girl, she's going to be Pissy Lacey for the rest of her life because of this. No wonder she looks miserable in the face of mum's righteous rage.

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Anonymous said...

Never to young for a Croydon facelift.

Robin of Locksley said...

""She said: "It's a basic human right to use the toilet.""

Surprisingly, madam, the Declaration Of Human Rights contains no mention of toilets.

A shocking ommission, I know.

Graham said...

@Robin, and I bet she would one of the first to complain about 'criminals' asking for their 'human rights'. One of the best one I knew was a well-known north-western football hooligan who cried 'human rights abuse' after being arrested for - go on guess what.

Rob James said...

She could have a career as a Joan Crawford drag queen.

Alfalfamale said...

Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13 - Everyone has the right to freedom of movements.

Its a very thorough document.