Monday, December 07, 2015

Cleadon and East Boldon Anger: Is this the UK's angriest local councillor?

Thanks to multiple spotters at the Sunderland Ready To Go message board for these of a man who is perhaps Britain's angriest local councillor. This chap is a gold mine of fury.

Shields Gazette: Village Christmas trees cut down to size due to Health and Safety Gone Mad

 Shields Gazette: Sharp tree branches 'could have somebody's eye out'

Shields Gazette: Village Christmas tree branded 'a giant twig'

Shields Gazette: Ducks! Why are you staying away from our village pond?

Shields Gazette: Selfish parking 'putting the kiddiewinks' lives at risk'

Shields Gazette: Fury over state of war memorial

Shields Gazette: Probe into local fly-tippers

There are many more on the Shields Gazette site featuring Cllr Milburn, but I think I might have broken it. Sir, you are a star.

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