Monday, April 27, 2015

Stolen caravan anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Man's caravan stolen

Now all he has is one old photo, and sweet, sweet memories


TRT said...

I visited the website and LO! screen goes dark and I get a roll-down advert offering to send me local news and jobs when I sign up.

WTF? It's Australian. Can't it recognise my IP and geo-fix it so that casual browsers across the globe don't get offered news from somewhere that could'nt be further away?

TRT said...

And these stupid robot things are getting annoying.
Please match all the images that match... when NONE FUCKING WELL DO MATCH! But it won't let you click through with none selected.

Is there some sort of blood pressure monitor hack involved, because a robot would'nt get so mad it wants to put a fist through the screen?

beep said...

Poor Jack Duckworth