Monday, April 13, 2015

Number plate spacing anger

Chronicle Live: Van driver not pleased with fine over personalised number plate

It took me ages to work out that it's not about somebody called Ron

Spotter's Badge: DC Iron, who were brave enough to send in a story about themselves


TRT said...

I quite like the disembodied hand holding the number plate.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they're after the publicity. £30 for all that lovely exposure of their company details? Bargain.

TRT said...

It's like a new cop show...
Detective (Crime Scene Investigation) Iron.

*whaccka whaccka whaccka*
*some sort of Who number*

Looks to me like the number's up...
*Whips shades off*
For this lawbreaker.

beep said...

You'd have thought Al Murray would be a bit busy elsewhere at the moment.