Monday, December 22, 2014

Sweary mum anger

Bromley News Shopper: Woman arrested for swearing outside school

Over 500 comments on this one, and she's in there from the off. Pure local newspaper gold.

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Robin of Locksley said...

Eeuuurgh...... started to lose the will to live halfway through the comments, so had to bail out.

If ever you think your life is shit then just imagine for a minute that you're a reporter on the Bexley News Shopper.
There - your not feeling quite so bad now, are you?

Kaptain Kobold said...

Sadly the brother *did* change the privacy settings on his Facebook page, so we'll never know what it was that he shouldn't be letting people know about him.

Captain Bunloaf said...

"Charlie Lugg" - couldn't make it up!

Robin of Locksley said...

Kaptain, was that really her brother?
I thought initially it was v.droll trolling but then realised that she wasn't objecting to his posts, despite the fact that he wasn't exactly helping.

Lord Milchester said...

Kaptain Kobold - I saw the linked Facebook profile before he changed it. He's a weed-smoking, recently released ex-convict with Britain First and BNP posts galore on his page, and a tendency to threaten his "friends" with extreme violence.

Hope this helps.

isolator42 said...

The comments in the News Shopper story are pure gold.
Love it so far - I've hardly got any way through them. Your teasers about her charming brother weighing in & Facebook pages only add to the fun.
...I'm getting popcorn for this :)