Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stolen Smarties anger

Dover Express: Car stolen with sweets intended for terminally ill kids

No piss-taking, because this guy was on the receiving end when he was doing a good deed. However, this is how it looked on the Dover Express advertising boards:

...which you have to admit IS funny.

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TRT said...

Dear Dover Express,
You can't "make local matter more" by using all-caps and super-exaggerating your headlines.
A Sane-person.

TRT said...

If you click through, there are two pictures and the "slightly more furrowed brow anger whilst holding a Smarties harmonica" picture is even better than the other one.

Robin of Locksley said...

Good deed? Are you sure?
He hands them out to members of the church congregation so they can fill the tubes up with 20p coins.
That sounds more like peer-pressure-driven extortion to me.