Thursday, September 11, 2014

Strewth! Done a poo in my taxi anger

NT News: Man cuts off a length in the back of a taxi

Clearly the best local newspaper photograph in the history of mankind. It's this one to beat, editors.

And of course you want to see the print edition, don't you?

UPDATE: We've laid down a challenge to the UK's top local newspaper - the epic Bromley News Shopper - to restore our country's pride in the face of the renewed Australian Angry People dominance. It is, we are delighted to announce, a challenge they have accepted.

Spotter's Badge: Buzzfeed, Catriona


Anonymous said...

Expoosive! I'm in stitches!

Robin of Locksley said...

also 'offloads massive steamer'.
Give that sub. the Pulitzer now!

Anonymous said...

Even the comentards have good jokes!

ant of malaka said:
"so let me see.... was he picked up at 9 or 9 turdy???"

Too bad you must tread though loads of crap to pickup the gems.

TRT said...

Holy shit! That's phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

I can now die a happy man knowing that I have seen the words "offloads a massive steamer" on the front page of a newspaper