Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cupboard door anger

Llanelli Star: Couple on 18 month waiting list to have cupboard door fixed

If only there was somebody already living on the premises who could .... naaaah.... that's just ridiculous

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Anonymous said...

I work for a housing association - not this one - and I think you'd be surprised and horrified at the calls received from a significant minority of tenants. They always have an excuse or reason why work should be done, kidz - who all have an 'issue' - ASHburgers, ADHD, Dickslexia, dypsmapsia - they can never pronounce it properly....learning difficulties or otherwise disabled, they are always a 'carer' for someone else, they don't seem to understand that they are responsible for their kidz, pets and other people especially if there is something perceived as a danger by them, they also have the cleanest kidz as they cannot wait a day for a plumber to attend and fix a boiler (no £75 an hour for them by the way). How does the damage occur? They never know - it just happens - it's a mystery. Most on full housing benefit and council tax benefit.....unbelievable.

ming said...

That kid is a natural!