Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photo booth anger

Cambs Times: Photo shop owners' anger as landlord puts photo booth outside their shop

Our spotter says: Personally I don't think she needs to worry. I've spent a lot of time Wisbech, and I give it about five days before suspicious locals form an angry mob and burn down the evil soul-stealing booth of Satan, with its mystical power to turn people into quadruplet midgets.

Spotter's Badge: James


TRT said...

I'd sort her out with a 7" glossy finish.

isolator42 said...

For her on the right I'd get out my tripod to give her a long exposure.
Her on the left would be lucky to get a quick snapshot.

You got to have standards, eh? :)

TRT said...

Fair enough, but in a dark room, who's going to care, eh? I mean, if either of them can handle an enlarger, they can sort me out with a blow-up job.