Thursday, May 31, 2012

Firefighter anger

Basildon Recorder: Man's fury at fine for refusing to move car for firefighters on 999 call

...and he gets a righteous kicking in the comments

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Anonymous said...

He's got the whole beardy old disabled vibe going on,I can imagine he made a huuuuge deal about having to get the moby scoot up into court and he plays that card for all it is worth, well thankfully, on this occasion, it didn't work. Git.

RobinOfLocksley said...

Grumpy old git - he should take ranter's slogan on board. Check out the dishes. It's like a mini GCHQ there!

TRT said...

I reckon he deserved that commentard shoeing.

isolator42 said...

ranter's avatar above would be the perfect pic to sent to this idiot.

This sequence of events is truly staggering:
1. He refused to help emergency services dealing with a suspected fire in a property DIRECTLY ABOVE his own.
2. He thought going to the local paper about this is a good idea.

His considered actions are so monumentally stupid, you have to wonder how he's lived this long...