Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dance vote anger

Dorset Echo: Dance troupe furious over 'fixed' online vote

Please vote "LOL" on this item. That is all.


James said...

Good headline too; 'Weymouth dance troupe lose out on contest due to online hack'

And from the article itself:

"Competition organisers said they were alerted to an ‘unusually large’ number of votes being cast in a short amount of time"

Excellent local-news use of the word 'hack' to describe anything where computers are involved, there. Lots of votes cast in one go? Must be one of those evil hackers at work, sitting in his evil hacking lair, hacking away whilst drinking cans of Hackerzade energy drink. That's the only possible answer.

Don't miss next week's red-hot exclusive, 'Weymouth Mayor Outraged As Hacker Posts Message on Local Newspaper Comments Section Calling Him a Twat'

TRT said...

Yeah, but that school's IT department should be well proud.