Sunday, May 02, 2010

Photographic anger

Coventry Telegraph: Angry photograph of angry photographer because photographic lab refuses to print angry photographer's not-angry-at-all photographs

... I think.

I knew this would happen. This blog has officially eaten itself.

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Suriel said...

I enjoyed the 'comments' section of that article.

Apparently the fact that a cat was run over by a car (which was driving at +20mph!) is highly relevant to a deceptively-amateur photographer.

Then again, if I lived in Coventry I would probably be angry too.

TRT said...

I'm with Suriel on the comments front. WTF is going on with these people? Do they live in a fractal dimension? The thread about the dead cat would have been so much more germain with PICTURES.

Also: a simple waiver should be signed every time you want pictures printed to say that the customer asking for the prints holds the copyright.