Sunday, May 23, 2010

Irish money anger

Bournemouth Echo: Punter arrested, handcuffed and helped down a steep flight of concrete stairs over Irish twenty pound note

Important details of this story emerge in the final paragraph, as you'd expect.

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Display Name said...

Hahaha. Excellent logic in one of the comments: "If you buy £1 worth of goods and use a fake £20 note, the effect on the retailer is double. The retailer has 'given away' £1 of goods, plus £19 of change, PLUS is then stuck with a £20 unusable note, therefore £40 down."

Therefore £40 down. You gotta love it. They would be better off just accepting a blank piece of paper and giving£1 goods and £19 change, as they'd not have a £20 unusable note... Tossers.