Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stop parking outside my shop anger

Walthamstow Guardian: Shopkeep upset that people park outside his DIY shop all day

"I've got no room for me doors. Stay away from me doors"

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R Bandon-Hope said...

For a story about people parking their cars all day on a road, Leyton's local rag goes to a 'shop' that's next to a bus lane. I say 'shop'; Have a look at it on Google Street View.

Nick O'Siris said...

Another one of those APILNs where you have to read the whole thing carefully to get to the bottom of the story and the reason for it hitting the local news in the first place.

The couple of mentions in the story of these mysterious characters who sit in the cafe all day had me scratching my head until I got deep into the comments. Then it all made sense.