Monday, March 06, 2017

We don't want a decent mobile phone signal anger

This is Wiltshire: Fury, junk science over plans for new mobile phone mast

"It is essentially radioactive, living near a telephone mast would be very dangerous for people who are in remission from cancer."

Uh... no it isn't.

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Anonymous said...

Search for the "specialist" and you get:

Dr Andrew Tresidder: Flower Remedies & Emotional Healing

'nough said.

Anonymous said...

They have a man with a clipboard.

This is more serious than I had imagined.

CDN said...

I like the person on the right hand end at the back checking their phone out. "Can't get any bloody signal..."

Graham in Reading said...

Love the part in the 'article' where a sub has written "(quote from Galliford to put here. if not- Galliford couldn't provide the Wiltshire Times with a comment.)" and then it's been published on t'web. And 2 weeks later it's still there :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm Happy to see that the comments are universally hostile. Ignorant nimbys who are happy to use mobile phones but protest about having the necessary infrastructure anywhere near them.