Monday, January 02, 2017

Celebrity weight loss cult dullness

In years gone by, noted weight loss cult Slimming World would invite a dead-eyed Peter Andre to their annual meet-and-greet Christmas party. Last year they got heart-throb Jason Donovan.

But Pete is too busy being a new dad and loving his kids, so who was the poor sod they roped in this year?

ITV stand-in roll-neck jersey style king Steve Mulhern, that's who.

Nottingham Post: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Nottingham Slimming World cult leaders

Dorset Echo: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Bridport Slimming World cult leader

Evesham Journal: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Bromsgrove Slimming World cult leaders

Middlewich Guardian: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Middlewich Slimming World cult leaders

Swindon Advertiser: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Swindon Slimming World cult leaders

Warrington Guardian: TV's Steven Mulhern meets Warrington Slimming World cult leaders

And thanks to the magic of Slimming World's (not actually a cult) press office, a million other stories.


Ian said...

Wrong blog!

beep said...

I think some of them don't actually go to Slimming World

Anonymous said...

Nonentity poses with some overweight people - a candidate for the dull news blog

Robin of Locksley said...


Unknown said...

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