Saturday, October 08, 2016

Stop stealing all my shampoo anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Crimper (a word only ever used in news reports because it is shorter than hairdresser) upset after thieves steal shampoo from his crimping shop (a term I just made up) and he may NEVER CRIMP CLEAN HAIR AGAIN

The reflection in the glass betrays the fact that there is an audience for angry photo-taking. Who knew?

Spotter's Badge: Karen


Anonymous said...

Those shoes though?

Robin of Locksley said...

My thoughts exactly.

Unknown said...

Perps pillaging hair-straightening products had to be--never mind that. Nevertheless, it appears that Brexit will finally see to it that these types are sent back abroad.

TRT said...

When you find the culprits, exchange the shampoo for the real thing. It's the only language etc etc