Saturday, September 03, 2016

Marks and Spencer anger

South Wales Evening Post: Man has been battling with M&S over "wrongly named" branch for ten years

What a maroon.

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Anonymous said...

The phrase 'Go and get an effing life' could have been invented for this guy. What an industrial strength twerp he is. The sad thing is, there are people siding with him in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Probably not much else for him to do now work as a Rolf Harris look-alike has dried up.

Anonymous said...

Our local M&S has a sign saying "Exit to High Street" when in fact it is technically Northbrook Street. Disgraceful, playing fast and loose with geography like that!

TRT said...

Having recently camped in Wales, I can completely sympathise with him. I found myself wandering around Pontarddulais for hours looking for a non-existent store and ended up having to go without hummus, mini pittas and gold-sprinkle topped Belgian chocolate mousse tarts. Talk about having to slum it.

Unknown said...

This is England? Bickering and arguing about Pontarddulais and Forestfach?