Thursday, October 22, 2015

Supermarket doughnut ban anger

Birmingham Mail: Shopper banned from supermarket after furious row over 47p packet of doughnuts

"I phoned Morrison's and told them I was prepared to demonstrate outside the store and they told me I’d be removed."

Go on, man, DO IT. The world sees us as a soft touch because of people saying they'd demonstrate outside a supermarket and then didn't.

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Ian said...

Maybe the supermarket should put up a sign like one I saw in Australia

Good food takes time to prepare
Giving us grief about it wont change this & may just result in us telling you to fuck off

TRT said...

He should chain himself to the railings with an electric guitar and portable amplifier and just play Bob Marley songs all day long.
Because, like Marley, the donuts he likes are the ones "wi jam-in".