Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prom ban anger

Northwich Guardian: Girl barred from school prom over behaviour

Not liking Grayson Perry's new look in the slightest

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Kaptain Kobold said...

I didn't get to go to a prom in a big pink dress either :(

The comments on that story are uncompromisingly brutal.

Graham in Reading said...

There really is very little to say on this story is there? Sometimes I think I've already lived too long.

TRT said...


Bat E said...

Every year! I'm sure this is the first of this year's many brats who can't behave enough to go to the ball.

Ian said...

A picture paints a thousand words. I guess the same goes for photos

Robin of Locksley said...

Was it fancy dress?
Were they going as Miss Piggy and Cruella DeVille?