Thursday, August 07, 2014

Autistic care home NIMBY anger

This Is Wiltshire: Care home for autistic people forced to look elsewhere after opposition from crossed-armed NIMBYs

Rarely does a story on these pages drive me to actual rage. This is that story.

(And for the first time ever on this site, a health warning: PLEASE do not use social media to abuse the people mentioned in this story.)

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Robert the Biker said...

Well Alex, you'll probably glow in the dark with me! As these people are not being cared for by their families, I think it fair to surmise they are not at the lower end of the Autism spectrum and require rather more care. Perhaps a residential estate is not the best place to site such a home; shouting NIMBY is cheap when it's not your home or quiet enjoyment under threat. I have lived with a newly installed 'home' up the lane, first lost old dear was sad, by the fifteenth your compassion starts to wear thin. Next it was " Oh, isn't your dog a bit boisterous?" Reply - It's her turf, not yours, fuck off. People can appear uncaring, but it's often fear, it seems to me the home was more inclined to talk about the residents rights rather than the estate inhabitants, a sure way to get peoples backs up.

Mark Wadsworth said...

we had a care home for mentally handicapped (but non-violent) people at the end of our road, there must have been five or ten of them, they never caused any bother. You wouldn't have known it was there if you hadn't known it was there.

In ten years, a couple of them spoke to me out of the blue (in that rather endearing way that mentally handicapped but non-violent people have) and it was all perfectly amiable.