Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mouldy rolls barbecue anger

South Wales Evening Post: Family barbecue wrecked - WRECKED - by mouldy bread rolls

This story has everything - a trivial problem blown out of proportion, the offending article being held up dismissively by an angry child, while another holds his nose to illustrate distaste. Mum is furious, and bloked roped in from next door doesn't really want to be there. A perfect storm - I doubt we will ever see its like again*.

Spotter's Badge: Holg, Ceri, Amy, Rhys, iCod, Everybody. Billboard from Frank

*Of course we will


Rhys said...

He's not even the dad. He's a next door neighbour roped in to look awkward. No wonder his face is trying to distance itself from the rest of the photo.

(Terrific billboard find).

Alistair Coleman said...

Rhys: Changed the item to reflect that. Good spot.

TRT said...

Mouldy old dough.