Monday, June 02, 2014

Rubbish plant anger

Leicester Mercury: Residents can't stand smell from rubbish handling plant

Back at the newsroom:

"How did the shoot go for the rubbish plant story?"

"Got them all holding their noses"


Spotter's Badge: Hugo


TRT said...

Bonus points if the actual headline uses the word "Pong!"

TRT said...

Aww! I'm disappointed now. No pong.

Prospect Parkour said...

I'm beginning to wonder if local journalism isn't just an excuse for the failed hacks who couldn't get/keep a job on the national titles to take their frustrations out on unwary members of the public.

Also, this CAPTCHA system that asks me to prove that I'm "not a robot" is grossly discriminatory. It's blatant cis-biologicalism and you are obviously Hitler.

Marvin said...

I'm a depressed robot - can I leave a comment?