Friday, May 30, 2014

Overhanging trees anger

Bristol Post: Man refuses to pay council tax until trees are cut back

This, I fear, will not end well

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Flaxen Saxon said...

Tis a little known fact that any freeman has the right to burn trees, especially if they are decidedly dodgy. This is enshrined in the Magna Carta- go check it out under clause 34, subheading 12. Of course, I'm not advocating burning the tree in situ; that would be silly and constitute a violation of local council health and safety remit. No, I recommend a safe and controlled burning after the said aforementioned and offending tree has been dismantled by acetylene torches. Afterwards, the local council offices could be burnt unto the ground, just in the unlikely event of unpleasant reprocussions.

Anonymous said...

Except, of course, the concept of freemen on the land has no judicial standing and will only result in him paying larger and larger fines before going to the prison which 'freemen' do not recognise.

Which won't help them anything whilst them are in chokey.