Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Done a poo anger

Manchester Evening News: Residents annoyed that taxi drivers use their road to done a poo

With a picture of a manky taxi driver (allegedly) doneing a poo


Spotter's Badge: Charlotte


Anonymous said...

She doesn't have the look of a wilderness poo-er to me. Or is this the one who's angry?

Go hire a taxi from the offending company and leave a little 'parcel' in it!

proglodyte said...

Could be 'one man and his dogging'.

TRT said...

I'd etc etc etc

But more... is there an award for best local news story? Because this one is definitely a contender.

"Manchester Council and police are both investigating reports drivers are using Parksway in Blackley as a 'drop-off' spot"

Full marks for that strapline.

"emptying their bowels on the road for several months."

Christ! That must have been some curry!

Rob J said...

'had cut himself shaving'

Shaving what??

Twenty_Rothmans said...

“At first we were obviously shocked and thought ‘that’s horrible’ but then as the weeks have gone on its become more and more regular to the point where recently it was happening nearly every day."

At least you know they're getting enough fibre now.

Anonymous said...

Was He Asian by any chance?