Saturday, February 08, 2014

Power cut anger Shopkeep absolutely steaming after power is cut off

...all through the medium of passive-aggressive signs. That'll tell 'em

Spotter's Badge: Joseph


Gonzoland said...

Stewart Pearson reverts to writing notices in plain english after sacking from Dir of Comm post.
No charts. No Venn diagrams. No Critical Path Analysis. No more router of the governmental informational ingesting and digesting process.

Robin of Locksley said...

""Someone's nuts need to be chopped off for this," he said."

Harsh, but probably fair comment.

Lord Milchester said...

"But we'd like to add that we're a strictly non-sexist house, and if you happen to be a girly, we'd be equally happy to chop off your tits instead."

(Broadly paraphrased from the Young Ones book, "Bachelor Boys.")