Friday, December 07, 2012

Vote for me in the UK's funniest Blog Competition (again)

Fresh from last year's triumph in which I emerged as the UK's funniest blogger, I find myself on the shortlist for this year's award. This year the nod's gone to Angry People In Local Newspapers, your online resource for photographs of angry people in local newspapers and the sort of sexist commentary that makes me ashamed to be British.

APILN is something that I love doing, and it has taken over my life in a minor way, with floods of (very welcome) reader contributions and a whole slew of Google alerts keeping the site full of fresh pointy angry people. It's also spawned a Dull News spin-off, with one of our readers going as far as starting a Weird news site to house the stories that don't fit anywhere else.

Also nominated are my pals Ukcamerman and Oddbloke, so everybody's a winner.
I'm not in it for the AMAZING prize*, so vote for me.
* I am in it for the prize. Vote for me.


cornemuse said...

Voted! Good luck, you deserve to win!

Unknown said...

Do we get another picture of you angrily pointing if you win...? That was easily the highlight of last year's competition for us plebs.

Alistair Coleman said...

Peter: YES

isolator42 said...