Sunday, October 28, 2012

Law abiding citizen anger

Wales Online: Dad furious after getting Asbo for driving quad bike on road without insurance

“I was almost speechless with anger when the police pulled us over – surely the police have got bigger crimes to solve..."

Such as uninsured drivers who cost legal road users in hugely inflated premiums? 

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Anonymous said...

I really hope we don't rad about Dylan being squashed by his quad bike ina few months time, I suppose 'business man James' will be squeaking about some law or other banning them then. What a dick, buy the kid a frickin' bike - but a quad bike? S_L_A_A_A_A_G!

Anonymous said...

Hey, photoshop experts: are they REALLY in that garden? The grass looks OK, but it looks a bit cut and paste around Dad's clueless moronic brainless head.

TRT said...

Optical effect is just the almost intangible presence of The Grim Reaper standing over him.