Monday, July 16, 2012

Make-up anger

Cambridge News: Angry goth 'loses hospital cleaning job over make-up'

"I'd give her something to clean up" (My dog's just done a wee on the kitchen floor)

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Robert the Biker said...

If I woke up from an op and saw that cruising about the place, it would probably slab me out.
Here's a clue love; don't make yourself up to look like they've just dug you up and then go to work in a hospital!

Barry said...

It makes you wonder how she dressed for the interview. Did she dress all demure and business like for it then rock up on the first day dressed like Death's Apprentice as in the photo.

isolator42 said...

it's that Petrenko off of Hobbley City, as I live & breathe.

If I flatlined, I'd hope she'd gave my organ a good massaging until the crash-cart turned up.

Norkmeister said...