Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The angriest paper of all time

It's not often I do a post such as this, but the following were the FIVE lead stories on the Reading Evening Post website on a single day this October. Never before - and never again since - will so much fury be illustrated in a single day's press.

And the lead story on such a tumultuous day? The garden gnome.

Well done the Post. Still got it.

Nursery closure fear after thefts

Seeing red over green collection

Who'll mend broken lights on towpath?

Fined twice for driving blunder

There's gnome place like home


James said...

That gives me an idea. How about an end-of-year award for the Angriest Local People of the year? You could have a vote for the best examples from the site of Angriest Milf, Angriest Pensioner, Angriest Group Shot, Best Anger Over Idiot's Own Fault, etc. The trophy could be a golden dogturd.

James said...

'Worst Angry Sign'. There's another one. Extra points if they've completely overlooked the concept of visual perspective, and as a result are pictured clutching a sheet of A4 bearing an overly-wordy slogan, rendered illegible because the photographer is standing more than six feet away.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I wouldn't mind threatening her nursery with fear of closure! Phwoaarr!