Friday, January 27, 2012

Raw sewage anger

Sheffield Star: Dad's anger after blockage causes garden to flood with sewage

I've looked long and hard at this photo, and ask: What's holding him up?

Spotter's Badge: Geoff


The Owl Wood said...

I suspect that this outraged chap is desperate for a, um, for a, well - for the use of his blocked bathroom facilities. He's a bit "clenched" and that's never a good public persona.

Still, next years roses should be impressive, if a little lacking in the scent department.

RobinofLocksley said...

I think the fumes in the garden have overpowered him. He's actually being held up by by a smaller person, whose brown jacket can just be seen in places. Either that or he likes to be photographed sitting on a shootin' stick.

TRT said...

He reminds me of the bug man from MiB.

Alistair Coleman said...