Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music licence anger

Kent and Sussex Courier: Antiques Roadshow celebrity angry at cost of music licence for his shop

Nope, me neither.

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The Owl Wood said...

All for a (single) fee so that artists get their cut for their work (just as this guy no doubt accepts his "repeats" money from his TV appearances) but - for crying out loud, there should only be one!

Two numpty fee-collecting bodies is just fraud, theft and thumbguggery - a criminal arrangement, surely, since neither body can actually sell what it appears to be charging for?

Only on planet Earth!

Whenever HM Public walks into my studio I simply pick up the karaoke microphone and launch into Shirley Bassey. It seems to work better than the wireless used to.

markgolsby said...

"thumbguggery" I salute the invention of a new word.
When Thumbguggery eventually makes it into OED, we can offer this as it's first recorded use.