Friday, January 27, 2012

Hairdresser anger

Middlesbrough Gazette Live: Parking plan could threaten hairdresser's business, says sultry hairdresser

I dare say I'd let her do pretty much what she wants

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte


TRT said...

I'd giver her a twinset and blow dry!

isolator42 said...

She can give me a number two all over. She looks the sort for a bit of scat- based fun :)


"... doing anything nice for your holidays?"
"Yes. You."

barryheadwound said...

Added points for camerman's shadow in shot.

Studley said...

The cameraman's shadow appears to be ogling her tits.

Isn't "Nouveau Regard" French for "New Look"? Proper classy.

Anonymous said...

Nice norks, nouveau regardless... :)