Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breast implant anger

Manchester Evening News: Women left 'in limbo' as private clinic which supplied sub-standard implants goes ...err... bust

And the sort of commentard sympathy that makes you want to leave the planet

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The Owl Wood said...

However unfortunate the lady's circumstances you have to admit, these three are a bit "When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning or in the hairdressers..."

I wish that photo had been in old-fashioned black and white and then the curious grooming choices (hair and white lips) would not have detracted from her, um, her "story" of "woe".

I'm guessing that the photog burned rubber as the echo of the shutter died away.

Drivelcast said...

Ironically, limbo is something that's easier without breast implants.

JuliaM said...

'Charlie's Angels' have really let themselves go!

Anonymous said...

Fake ones don't count as proper NORKS!

Anonymous said...

But where is the one with black hair bleached underneath? It's not a proper matching set like this.

TRT said...

I'd happily give all of them a second opinion regarding the tactile qualities of their endowments.

isolator42 said...

Move aside please, synth-nork doctor, coming through.
I shall need to examine all of these VERY thoroughly.

...& take photos.