Monday, January 23, 2012

No TV signal anger

Essex Echo: Residents furious as communal satellite dish breaks down and leaves flats without TV

Excuse me while I find my tiny, tiny violin

Spotter's Badge: Barry


The Owl Wood said...

Oh the poor loves.

Bloody government! It's time someone took proper control of essential services like television and pubs.

TRT said...

My God, you'd think the Sky had fallen!

MARK FLOYD said...

I like the bit in the story where is says they where "left staring at blank screens" as if they are literally to stupid to thing of anything else to do:(. Even the paper hates them. As for the comments they can be summed up as "FAT CHAV SCUM,DIE IN A FIRE ect"

isolator42 said...

I'd happily keep those two on the right from getting bored. them getting drilled.

see what I did there? :)