Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas cracker 9/11 anger

Staffordshire Newsletter: Family's Christmas quite literally ruined by out-of-date World Trade Centre trivia question inside festive cracker

And collect enough of the snappers and you might have enough for a bomb. END THIS OUTRAGE

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Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to them, poor people to have such devastation visited upon them at a time of joy and harmony.

Great comments - with much potential!

Drivelcast said...

Arf! Local Newspaper Gold. All the elements are there;
- Tenuous claim of being 'offended', later tarnished with "We personally don't know anyone affected, but..."
- Anger at local chain-store, with absolutely intention of getting some free stuff, oh no, certainly not
- Reference to the act of eating as 'Tucking In'

Anonymous said...

This article just sums up the people of Stafford, a place where I was brought up and lived for many years, in that a they would consider a ten pound box containing eight crackers to constitute 'luxury'. By way of further illustration, it's also the same town where I once saw a rather large lady yelling at the manager of Poundland because the lack of price labels on any of their goods made it confusing for shoppers.

isolator42 said...

This just goes to show what can happen if you're stingy with the pre-dinner drinks.

TRT said...

Thank god they didn't buy the London Underground ones with the print of a tube carriage on the outside and a selection of miniature backpacks, copies of the Qur'an and the terrorist's handbook in them.

MARK FLOYD said...

So there Christmas was ruined by a vague reference to something that happened to some people they don't know 3000 miles away and 10 years ago???? I hope they don't ever have there local paper delivered late they could quite literally die!