Thursday, January 26, 2012

Council house anger

Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette: House is unfit for my kids, says angry woman

Well, yeah, it is a craphole

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The Owl Wood said...

What else is a "full-time housewife" to do if not strip her wallpaper and re-model a la mode?

I have such sympathy for this lady, such deep, deep sympathy. I keep it at the bottom of my favourite thimble, where it will be safe and not subject to shrinkage.

What must her pregnant daughter be thinking when she sees the shoddy manner in which the council has housed her mother? It doesn't bode well for future generations on "full-time housewives" in this family, I can tell you.

Oooh - I could crush a grape on their behalf.

TRT said...

Reminds me of that Kermit The Frog song about sitting halfway up the staircase.

isolator42 said...

TRT: indeed, just with the frog replaced with an overwieght sow.

...too much?

Anonymous said...

Get a bloody job then and privately rent