Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monopoly anger

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Family upset as Bradford edition of Monopoly has cards for Plymouth version

I am reliably informed that the first comment is a troll. Played, sir!

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The Owl Wood said...

I weep blood daily at the tragedies of this world. Whatever next? These poor loves should be given Red Cross blankets and at least a community chest each on the NHS.

TRT said...

I'd collect all the utilities and charge them 10 times the dice roll.

TRT said...

I'd sneak a peak at her community chest.

isolator42 said...

Give me a 'Chance' with her on the left & I'd end up going straight to Jail without passing GO or collecting £200.

She can land on my Water Works anyday.

I've got a hotel on Mayfair with her name on it. long have we got...? :)