Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crouchy pointy dog poo anger

Halesowen News: Clean up potentially fatal dog poop, says local Labour candidate

She says, squatting suspiciously in the gutter


Pavlov's Cat said...

Dog done a poo (me too)

sarah said...

I have an invincible dog poo outside my front gate, it's been there for months. Every time it rains,it plumps back up again.

The Owl Wood said...

My particular favourite is the light grey or white stuff that goes furry after a few days. Only certain dog breeds can produce it reliably.

TRT said...

It's nice to see the vertically challenged getting ahead in politics. Can't be nice having your head that close to ground level.

Ah, I see it's a report from Halesowen. In that case... I don't think that spoor is all from dogs, you know.