Thursday, May 23, 2013

School iPad anger

Hull Daily Mail: School demands return of kids' iPads two weeks before exams

Poor show all round

Also: HAIR


James said...

There seems to have been a mix-up at the picture desk; This is actually a photo of the Bluecoats at Pontins in Hull, extending their traditional cheery welcome to cabaret night.

Her on the right's about to burst into a rendition of 'I'm So Excited'.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

i-Spice girls!
Buffy, Blondie, Speccie, Sulkie and Moonface!

I can spot Julian Assange, Chris Evans and Alex Salmond.

I for one, would not want to go public that my iPad money went on something 'more pressing'.

The comments (worst-rated) are gold.

Stilted Banter said...

A school that makes its pupils wear electric blue uniforms is capable of any enormity.